Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Well, I'm here in Spokane, spending some time with my boys.  We had a lovely holiday together.  Kyle, who I had not seen since last December was very sweet and loving...until right after Christmas presents were opened....then he became his usual not very nice self...but it was a good break from his norm...LOL

Christmas presents were fewer this year due to the economy.  Anthony and Brandon were great, but as soon as Kyle was done opening his presents, which included a $100 authentic Falcons jersey, he was complaining about what he didn't get. least it was better than some previous Christmas' and birthdays where he threw a fit and threw the presents in my face!  Quite an improvement I'd say!  We must be thankful for small miracles w!here Kyle is concerned.

It's after Christmas now, obviously, and we are just laying around today, enjoying each other's company.  Part of me wants to stay right here in Spokane and not go home, but that's not realistic. I just miss being with my boys on a daily basis.  The first day I got here I slept hard and had some very interesting dreams based on the fact that I was talking loudly in my sleep.  Brandon and Kyle woke me up laughing at me and their dad said "Wow, you don't even swear in your sleep"!  I was so very tired from my long bus ride.  It did the same thing the next night, but not as much.  Last night I didn't talk at all, but today when I took a nap I had one of my normal nightmares and woke up screaming...well, Anthony actually woke me up...but screaming nightmares are part of my normal sleep pattern.  I scared them, though, because they haven't heard it before.  I started having screaming nightmares about 2 years ago.  Don't know why, don't usually remember the dreams for very, yeah...ummmm...what can I say?

I got here on Wednesday the 19th.  The next day we went to see the Hobbit.  I really loved it.  So much action.  The next day was Brandon's 14th birthday, and I was so very relieved that the world didn't end!  I was so very concerned about it.....NOT!  But it was a good joke for the last few years.

I haven't seen any friends since I've been home, and I don't know if I will.  I just want to get as much time as I can with my boys before I have to go home.  I plan on coming  back for spring break, so I have to start preparing for that now.  Then Brandon and Anthony might come to Arkansas for the summer again.

Craft wise I have been busy, but not in my usual sense.  I have taken a bunch of t-shirts no one wants any more and have turned them into t-shirt yarn.  I want to make a rug or maybe some dishcloths.  T-shirt fabric is so absorbent...I thing it will make really good dishcloths.  What do you think?

Until next time...

I was asked where the picture of my niece in her tutu dress was so here it is...

Also pictured is her mama Alicia (the other scarecrow), Aunt Shila, and cousin Milo (the pirates)/
Her dress needed to be steamed and straightened. but Alicia ran out of time, so Zoey is a messy scarecrow. LOL

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Today I went to check the mail, as usual, expecting junk and maybe bills....bills are never ending around here.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found this book!  I was so very excited. The other good news was....No Bills!   LOL