Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Monday....errr..I mean Tuesday...

I finished the Valentine card for my exchange partner.  I was really please with it until I received mine in the mail.  What do you think?  Am I just feeling inferior?
This is the one I made

This is the one I received

It's so beautifully done, with a traditional card.  Whereas I tried to be creative and make up my own.  Thank you to Diana for this lovely card and for the beautiful floss!


  1. They are both beautiful and unique, just like the stitchers!

  2. They are both lovely. I give extra points for creativity

  3. I think they're both beautiful. Odd how we are so hard on ourselves about the quality of our work, yet other people love it. You did a wonderful job, so be proud of it!!! :)

    - Lisa N.

  4. I think they are both beautiful. I'm not sure who your partner is, but I'm sure she will think it is beautiful too!

  5. Both are beautiful but yours, for me, has the edge as I am not fond of pastel colours.