Saturday, October 12, 2013

No Stitching or Crocheting lately

I've been babysitting for the last two weeks and find it difficult to do anything other than just watch the kids. They are very very very busy. Today I'm sitting for a friend who is attending a funeral. She left her 4 little darlings with me this morning and they have pretty much been bickering ever since. LOL But now they are occupied with a snack so I thought I'd pop off this blog post while I could.

I've been surfing through the various blogs I follow and have entered a drawing over at Victorian Motto Sampler. Nancy does beautiful work.

Hopefully I can get a little something done on any one of my projects when I get the kids to take a little nappy. Right now we are on our 2nd viewing of the day of How To Tame Your Dragon. I love this movie!


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