Friday, October 12, 2012

Bible Study and Stitching

Yesterday I hosted my first bible study group.  Five people from church came, including my sister, and we had a lovely time. We started a study of Mark 1:1-18.  It was great to read together and discuss the various points in those verses.  We decided that we'd like to meet every week on Thursdays.  I'm so excited!  I love fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Today was a busy day.  I got about 4 hours of stitching in, and last night about 3, so my floral cross is coming right along.  I also made a big pot of red beans and sausage.  Oh man I love that stuff!  I had a battle with the cats, trying to keep them off the counters.  The run like crazy when they see me get up and come after them with the fly swatter!  LOL.  All I have to do is bang the fly swatter on the couch or counter and they high tail it off.  I just can't keep them off my counters and out of my sink.  I ended up buying safety locks you normally buy for child proofing to keep them out of the cupboards.  It's like having a couple of 2 year olds in the house....and my niece, who is 2 doesn't get into nearly as much mischief!  I also did a couple loads of laundry today, so it was nice and full.

I've been looking around the stitching sites for a new large project.  Not sure what I want to do yet, but the Names of God sampler from MBTD looks really nice, and so does the books of the bible.  I think I may go with one of those.

Happy Stitching to All,
And God Bless!


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  1. hi this is my first comment. I found you through the ICLS yahoo group. I also recently started a Bible Study Group. I lead and we are halfway through the book of Mark also!

    I have been cross stitching for years, I almost exclusively do heaven and earth design charts. I have completed 2, and am doing the Sanctuary of Knowledge by Spangler and am about to start the Sistine Chapel too...

    I will subscribe to your blog! My blog is at if you want to take a look at my work. Cheers Cheryl