Monday, October 8, 2012

My first post.  I had a blog a long time ago.  I have no idea where it is.  It's long gone so I thought I'd start again.  

I lived in Spokane, Washington for about 22 years.  Then in September 2009 I got married and am now living in Arkansas.  This is a TEMPORARY move, at least it had better be.  It's pretty here, but it's not home.  I need my mountains, my pine forests and snow capped mountains.  

Here in Arkansas I don't really have anything to do.  I live pretty far from town and I don't have a vehicle.  I left mine back in Washington with my kids and their dad.  So I have unlimited spare time.  To fill this spare time I've started stitching again.  I've done a lot of stitching in the past, I just got tired of it and stopped for about 3 years.  Now I'm jumping back in.  I joined a couple of stitching groups on Yahoo and I even tried my hand at designing a sampler.  It wasn't too bad, but I did it on notebook paper (all I had at the moment) so it's not even.  I'm gonna get some grafting paper and try it again.  

I have some pictures of my older work on my photobucket page:
These finishes are no where near the number of finishes I have, just the one's that were on line.  Everything else is in my storage unit, where?.....back in Spokane!  LOL
I have 1 of my WIP's pictured on my photobucket page.  It's the Flowers Need Rain.  The other WIP I'm doing right now is a bit bigger....quite a bit bigger, but I haven't taken any pics of it yet.  Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.  

What I think I'd really like to do is try my hand at more design.  I don't think I'll ever make any money at it, but I think it would be really satisfying to stitch up my own designs.  Any advice would be welcome!  I'm also interested in doing some model stitching, so if anyone needs my hands and needles, I'm available!

God Bless Everyone.....


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