Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm on my way home to Arkansas today.  I got to the airport about 7ish and the first problem I had was that when my DH booked my flight, he didn't pay for my baggage.  To be fair to him, he thought it was taken care of with the ticket.  He swears Orbitz didn't tell him it was a separate charge.  And then my bag was 10 lbs too heavy for under the plane.  I would have had to pay $50 just for that one bag being over weight.  So I jammed as much stuff into my carry on bag, which is way too heavy for me now.  And really, What's the stinking difference if the 10 lbs goes under the plane of above my seat???  Any way, my morning has been a huge P in the A.  I only had $40 to start with and $25 went for my bags.  Fortunately I still had enough $ to buy Dramamine for the day.
The plane left Spokane at 8:40 and I am now in Portland, OR.  My flight to Dallas doesn't board until 11:45 so I have some time to relax.  When I get to Dallas I have a 3 hour lay over (as of now that is) so my Beautiful and Wonderful Aunt Sheila is going to meet me and take me to dinner.  It's a good thing, too, because now I don't have money for food here at the airport! Grrrrr!  Hopefully all my problems are over and the rest of the trip will be smooth...not sailing, but flying!!!  LOL


  1. I agree with you on the over weight bag - the plane is carrying the weight no matter where they put it. But I think I finally figured it out -- they don't want those big, burly guys to have to lift that weight. This way the get the itty bitty females to do it!

    Judi in Phoenix00000000000

  2. The airlines really are bitter pills at times. Hope you arrive home safe and sound. Have a wonderful dinner with your Aunt.