Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Spokane update

I'm still here in Spokane.  My boys went back to school today.  Brandon, as usual, got a stomach ache last night and was up until about 1 and then when it was time to get up complained and moaned and threw a mild fit about getting in the shower, etc.  Then he missed the bus so his dad had to drive him to school.  He wasn't a very happy camper but getting out of this tiny apartment will do him good! It is so crowded here that he spends all of his time in "his" corner with his X-Box or PSP.  It's just not healthy.  But now that school is back in session I think he'll be in a better mood. Kyle, as is usual for him, couldn't wait to get to school.  Of course, he only goes for 2 hours a day, but at least he gets out of here.  Anthony and I cleaned up the house, found 4 of the missing rechargeable batteries, vacuumed and dishes.  Hopefully when their dad gets home he will be in a little bit better mood.

I went to my storage unit a few days ago and found my big box of cross stitch stash.  I forgot how much Silkweavers Evenweave fabric I had!  I'm going back today to look for my floss.  I have several boxes of it (the plastic bobbin holding boxes, that is).  I'm going to have to ship it home UPS because I'll be going home on a plane instead of riding the bus.  We found a ticket for only $130.  Couldn't believe it.

Today I am catching up on some email and I got my usual newsletter from Hooked on Crochet.  In it I found a give away for notecards and envelopes from Schaefer Yarn.  Here is the link:
I hardly ever enter contests, which is most likely why I never win any contests.  I'm going to try to enter more of them this year.  Hmmmmm.....that sounds strangely like a New Year resolution....LOL  Not going there!

I brought my crocheting with me to Spokane, but I cannot find my hook anywhere!  I may have lost it on the bus or in one of the bus stops on my trip here.  If my DH puts some $ on my card today I'll have to go get a new one.  This house is not good for cross stitching so I haven't even tried.  I have a stitch a long that I want to get started on when I get home.

Speaking of home, my sister Cathy has been caring for my animals and she has reported to me that my German Shepherd is pregnant.  I'm really irritated because I did my best to watch her when she had to go out.  I never even saw a strange dog around the place.  So now I get to deal with puppies when I get home.  I hope she waits until then to give birth.  I'm going to have to build a dog run for them.  My sis told me to get 4 cattle panels and some chicken wire.  I'm going to check Craig's List and FreeCycle to see if anyone has anything that will work to contain the dogs.

Well, that's my update for now.  I most likely will not check back in until I get home.

Bye Bye!!

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